Important Notice About Registration

Every 4U - HS must register individually. Do not create multiple accounts.  If you do not know your User Id and/or Password, you can request an automated email reminder to your registered email address by clicking on "I Forgot my UserID/Password".  If your email address has changed, please send an email to and ask for your email address to be updated. 

To register for an upcoming league, click the "Begin Registration" link below.

Registration Instructions

You need a MasterCard or Visa to register online.  If you do not have one of these cards, look for in person registration dates.  If you have an issue with registration, Please email the webmaster at   

 The parents/guardians of players age 5-14 are required to perform 1 scheduled work assignment or purchase a buyout option.


Registration Announcements

Registration for the Spring/Summer Baseball and Softball Leagues will open online on  December 1st.  Registration for the Fall Ball Leagues will open online on July 1st.