Parent Volunteering

Families Requesting Date Trade

If you would like your name and contact information
listed HERE, please email

Tom Smith - Tuesday, 9/24, 5 p.m.
314-852-5944 or


People who will work shift for a fee

The following BAA approved people have indicated that they will work you shift for
a fee. These names are listed solely as a courtesy. BAA has no other involvement.

  • Margaret: 314-422-6215
  • Allyson : 636-394-1273 or 
  • Kristin:
  • Caitlin: or 314-477-9492
  • Pat: 636-256-9847 or 314-807-3109 
  • Jamie: or 314-479-6039  
  • Mike: or 314-541-3261
  • Lynn: or 314-494-9460
  • Mike: or 314-420-6342
  • Chris: 636-230-0215 or 314-550-1913
  • Katie: or 314-565-8634
  • Brian: or 636-236-6454
  • Lorie: or 314-971-0676

To be removed from this list contact

Important Notes About Work Assignments

You may access your work assignment dates by logging onto your account

Your assigned work dates and times cannot be rescheduled by any member of the association’s Board of Directors.

Volunteer workers must be 21 years of age or older.

When a parent fails to show up for a work assignment, their child is immediately suspended from the program, until the Association’s Treasurer receives the appropriate fine. A team utilizing a suspended player will forfeit all games in which that player appears. All Parent Volunteer questions can be directed to at this time .

The fines for missing Parent Volunteer work assignments are:

• $150 for a 1 credit shift

• $300 for a 2 credit shift

• $300 for failing to fulfill a “Special Skill” exemption

If you cannot Make Your Work Assignment

  1. Trade with another family from your team
  2. Trade with another BAA family
  3. Check the website for others who need to trade
  4. Send a request to to post a need to trade date
  5. See the BAA approved list of people who will work their duty for a fee. (These names are listed as a courtesy. BAA has no other involvement.) This list may be found on this page and the bulletin board in the back of the Concession Stand.
  6. Pay the fine ahead of time - $150 per credit