Parent Handbook

BAA Overview


The Association was formed for the purpose of providing organized baseball and softball programs, promoting athletics and the general welfare of the community. It is our objective to encourage and promote the athletic interest of our members and to teach good sportsmanship.


Founded in 1940, and reincorporated in 1974 under the federal and state “Not-For-Profit” guidelines, the Ballwin Athletic Association is an independent non-profit organization owned and operated by the families of the children who play on B.A.A. teams. An Executive Committee and a Board of Directors govern the organization as volunteers.

The assets of the organization include twelve acres of land with associated buildings, lighting systems, ball fields, maintenance equipment and player equipment. Ballwin Athletic Association enjoys an excellent reputation in the local financial community. Last year, the association supported over 250 teams with more than 4,000 participants. B.A.A. is operated entirely by volunteers who rely on, and very much appreciate, parental and community support.


The St. Louis West Athletic Association is made up of Ballwin, Ellisville and Pond Athletic Associations


The B.A.A. carries a group protection athletic accident insurance plan. The policy, after a deductible, may pay, within the limits of said policy, covered expenses resulting in treatment for most injuries other than broken bones and those injuries requiring hospitalization. In the event of broken bones or hospitalization, the policy may pay the excess over the primary insurance benefit carried by the child’s parents. This policy also covers some volunteer workers and umpires. It is in effect from March 1 through August 31. Injuries occurring outside of this period are not covered by the policy, nor are they the responsibility of B.A.A.

Team Organization

Teams are made up from B.A.A. registration. Managers are allowed to reserve players and must present their Reserve List to the appropriate Baseball or Softball Commissioner four weeks prior to the opening day of Registration. Player assignments are completed two weeks after Registration. We honor the manager’s Reserve List, and then assign additional players to teams in an orderly fashion.

Youth Program

In addition to the Baseball and Softball Divisions, Ballwin Athletic Association also operates an “in-house” Youth Program for boys and girls in the 4 to 7 age group.

Emphasis is on having fun while introducing the game to the youngsters. Special balls are used; no scores are kept; there are no league standings; no championships; and no losers.

All games will be played at the Ballwin Ballpark and will be against other Ballwin teams in the same age group. Teams in the Ballwin Youth League program do not compete against teams from the other associations.

Parent Volunteers: 2019 info to be updated

The parents of all players (5U - 14U) are obliged to fulfill B.A.A. work assignments (usually in the Concession Stand) as explained below. Please read this information very carefully.

Every family who chooses work assignments in lieu of buy out will receive one assignment. These assignments cannot be rescheduled through the association for any reason. Please do not ask to be rescheduled.

Every family who chooses the buy out fee will be charged the $75.00 during the registration process.

Work Assignments

Volunteer workers must be 21 years of age or older.

Every family must fulfill one assignment in the Concession Stand. Parent volunteer work assignments are determined at Registration each year. As an alternative, the family commitment may also be satisfied by a donation of time performing some mutually agreeable personal professional skill.

Families can buy-out of their work obligation by paying the Buy-Out fee of $75.00 at the time of Registration.


When a parent fails to show up for a work assignment, their child is immediately suspended

from the program, until the Association’s Treasurer receives the appropriate fine. A team utilizing a suspended player will forfeit all games in which that player appears. All Parent Volunteer questions can be directed to


The fines for missing Parent Volunteer work assignments are :

$150 for a 1 credit shift


Assigned work dates cannot be rescheduled

Your assigned work dates and times cannot be rescheduled any member of the association’s Board of Directors. If you cannot work on the day that you selected:

  1. You can trade with another family from your team
  2. Trade with another BAA family
  3. Check the website for others who need to trade
  4. Send a request to  to post a need to trade date

  5. Check the board at the website for people who need to trade, as well as, see a list of people who will work their duty for a fee. (These names are listed as a courtesy, but BAA has no other involvement.)

  6. Pay the fine ahead of time - $150 per credit

Send the check for your fine and a note with your name, address date(s) to:

Parent Volunteer Director

Post Office Box 4106

Ballwin, MO 63022

In the event you choose the payment of the fine, your check must be received before your work date, or your child will be suspended from the program until your check is received, cashed and cleared. There are no exceptions.



Registration fees supply about 35% of the required budget each year. Membership by parent or guardian is required.


Sponsors are solicited by members of the Board and by team managers. Sponsor fees vary from $150 to $1000 depending on the degree of support. Your patronage of our sponsors will encourage them to sponsor in future years. If a team has arranged for their own sponsor, they should notify the association as early as possible


Concession Stand sales at Ballwin Ballpark are a very important source of revenue and account for nearly 40% of our income. Every family receives one work shift or pays the $75.00 buy out fee to cover the cost of paid Concession workers.

Team Pictures

B.A.A. contracts with a professional photographer to take pictures of every team. The cost for a basic “Photo Mate” package is approximately $12-$15 per player and is totally optional. The pictures will be taken at the ballpark in May and will be available for pick-up in late June. Managers should pick up the pictures and distribute them.


The association accepts withdrawals and makes refunds up to the scheduled date of a team’s first game. If a player withdraws after the team’s first game, there is no refund.

Refund Procedure: To request a refund, send a copy of your Registration Form

with an explanatory note to the:

BAA Secretary

PO Box 4106

Ballwin, MO63022

All refunds must be requested and approved in writing, or can be requested by accessing the Webmaster at .All refunds are subject (up to) a $15.00 Processing Fee.

General Information

Season Schedule

The normal league schedule is twelve (12) games. The season begins in April and ends in late July. In addition to the regular season games, there are a number of tournaments that teams can enter at BAA and other organizations in the St. Louis area.

Board Meetings

Each month, the B.A.A. holds a general open meeting for the membership. This meeting is usually held on the second Thursday of the month. Any of the regular membership may attend the meeting. It is required that the President be notified in advance by a person wishing to be included on the agenda .


The association will provide protective equipment for every team. These items remain the property of B.A.A. and must be returned clean and undamaged after the season

Special Assistance and Materials Donations

We need those of you with special skills and talents to step

forward and help.

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Cement Masons
  • Landscapers
  • Office Supplies
  • Donations ($300.00 retail Minimum) – Lumber, Landscape Materials, Roofing Materials, Plumbing, Flooring Materials, Supplies, Seed/Fertilizer, etc.

Disabled Parking

Parking spaces have been established for people with disabilities. All cars without the proper identification will be ticketed by the Ballwin Police Department and towed away.

B.A.A. Mailing Address

Ballwin Athletic Association

Post Office Box 4106

Ballwin, MO 63022

B.A.A. Phone Numbers

Rain-out Information 636-394-2159
Concession Stand 636-394-9334

Parent work assignment

B.A.A. Website