Players Looking for Teams


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NameAge GroupPhoneEmailPosition
Gavin ChiltonGavin will be 11 in August.314-952-8138Jesse.chilton@acertusdelivers.comCatcher/OF(looking for a fall ball team, maybe new team for next year as well)
Dakota Hoehn133143744192melissalhoehn@gmail.compitcher, 3rd base
Colby BrickerAge 7 - Looking for 8U Fall Ball3145601415cmb7e8@yahoo.com2B Pitcher LF RF
Eric Miller14U3142439308irwin161@gmail.comCatcher primarily, second, and short-stop
Caleb Limpert133146051912Dlimpert78@gmail.comMultiple
Erik Monzyk9U - 2020 season314-803-1652erikmonzyk@gmail.comAll
Charlie Kidd 11 (1/27/09) - looking for fall & spring773-837-6362staceykidd76@gmail.com2nd/Outfield
Andrew Leonard13314-565-8665kleo0618@gmail.comPitcher, 3rd base, center fielder
Reece Fletcher14u6363751224dabigboyz2002@yahoo.comLooking for Fall ball any league - Super fast-great hands - 2nd base, P, OF
Amy K Widel9U3147954096aknese@gmail.comany
Luke Trombley9U314-852-7398tjwgct@gmail.cominfield/outfield
Rylee Kraft7u6189272487kristinekraft2@hotmail.comAny
Tony Finder8U6365171364Tony10091981@aol.comMultiple
Carson Huff11U314-599-1480 (Sam Huff, Dad)Stoneman.sam@gmail.com1st, Outfield, pitcher
Gunnar Holmes10U birthday is 8/29/2009314-337-5533voytas00@yahoo.compitcher, catcher, outfield


NameAge GroupPhoneEmailPosition
Shauna Barton (Zuri 3rd grade)9U/10U3148054688shaunaw01@hotmail.comAll Positions
Michelle Brooks11U314-974-1007michellelbrooks@hotmail.comthis will be her first year on a team
Abigail12U6364856430millerlisa0315@gmail.comMy daughter is looking for a rec level team for the fall 2019 and/or spring 2020 season. She is a 1/08 birthday. The team she was on disbanded and she wants to continue. She still has growth to do but loves the game. She enjoys right field but has interest in 2nd base. She could be good there with a coach that is willing to teach the infield fundamentals to her. She is a good sport, with a good heart, who just needs more coaching. Feel free to call me at 636-485-6430 or email me at Thank you!
Ellie12U3146515817Njvandesteeg@gmail.comCatcher/3rd primarily but willing to play anywhere.
Rylee Kraft7u6189272487 kristinekraft2@hotmail.comAny