About Us

About Ballwin Athletic Association

The Association was formed for the purpose of providing organized baseball and softball programs, promoting athletics and the general welfare of the community.  It is our objective to encourage and promote the athletic interest of our members and to teach good sportsmanship.

Founded in 1940, and reincorporated in 1974 under the federal and state “Not-For-Profit” guidelines, the Ballwin Athletic Association is an independent non-profit organization owned and operated by the families of the children who play on B.A.A. teams.  An Executive Committee and a Board of Directors govern the organization as volunteers.   The assets of the organization include twelve acres of land with associated buildings, lighting systems, ball fields, maintenance equipment and player equipment.  Ballwin Athletic Association enjoys an excellent reputation in the local financial community.  Last year, the association supported over 250 teams with more than 4,000 participants.  B.A.A. is operated entirely by volunteers who rely on, and very much appreciate, parental and community support.

Association Fee:
In order to participate in the Ballwin Athletic Association, and its baseball and softball programs, each family is required to pay an annual association fee of $30. The annual association fee is in addition to the registration cost.  

The B.A.A. carries a group protection athletic accident insurance plan.  The policy, after a deductible, may pay, within the limits of said policy, covered expenses resulting in treatment for most injuries other than broken bones and those injuries requiring hospitalization.  In the event of broken bones or hospitalization, the policy may pay the excess over the primary insurance benefit carried by the child’s parents.  This policy also covers some volunteer workers and umpires.  It is in effect from March 1 through August 31.  Injuries occurring outside of this period are not covered by the policy, nor are they the responsibility of B.A.A.